What’s the Difference Between Asian Videography and Cinematography?

Asian Wedding Videography and Asian Wedding Cinematography, exactly what’s the difference? My most popular asked question and one I love to answer.

I would start of by saying that a Cinematographer and Videographer are two completely different types of Job.

A Cinematographer generally works with a large crew, and is the one who is responsible for the artistic and technical decisions regarding the photography of a film in accordance with a director’s vision. A Videographer on the other hand well they generally work solo, which means both prepping, filming, editing. I would say a Videographer generally starts and finishes the job on their own.

What I have found is that when DSLRs where introduced into the market Videographers were shown what was possible in wedding films by world class cinematographers using these cameras. Now some Videographers got hold of these cameras and started to make some amazing films as they also took note that just using the cameras alone was not going to cut it. They would have to study more and understand filmmaking techniques just like any cinematographer would know.

Some videographers unfortunately did not do this, they simply purchased the cameras and decided they were now cinematographers as the word ‘videographer’ was just not cool. Couples wanted cinematographers, they wanted those film like productions. 

We are now at a place where DSLRs are becoming so easily available, everybody is now a cinematographer just because they can slide the camera left to right. As a couple I would strongly suggest you take the time out to meet the person who’s work you like online and see some more samples. Try and not focus too much on the terms Videography / Cinematography but the work that is done and the style you as a couple are looking for.