What’s the Difference Between Asian Videography and Cinematography?

Asian Wedding Videography and Asian Wedding Cinematography, exactly what’s the difference? My most popular asked question and one I love to answer.

I would start of by saying that a Cinematographer and Videographer are two completely different types of Job.

A Cinematographer generally works with a large crew, and is the one who is responsible for the artistic and technical decisions regarding the photography of a film in accordance with a director’s vision. A Videographer on the other hand well they generally work solo, ...

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Asian Wedding Videography Cameras

With the influx of big name brands producing video cameras has meant choosing the right camera for wedding cinematography can a daunting task. Having been in the industry for over a decade and often being asked for advice, I thought a simple blog post was in order. This post was written to simply explain some of the basics and hopefully help you to choose the right camera or at least supply you with some additional knowledge before you make the leap into choosing ...

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